[Copypasta] RIP Joe the Spider

I know this is really stupid but I’m sad about it. Yesterday I had a friend come over. I’m a girl who lives alone so I guess some “dude” stuff hasn’t been done around the house. Context: I have a spider named joe. He’s a dandy long leg. He’s been my friend in the bathroom for months and had recently made his way down to closer by me by the tub instead of on the ceiling. I like to think I gained his trust. Well my friend goes into the bathroom and comes out said “you’re welcome”. I’m super confused. So I ask “for what?” He says “I just killed a big ass spider for you”. I couldn’t even contain myself. I just yelled “YOU KILLED JOE?!” And started tearing up. I didn’t tell him to leave Joe alone it never occurred to me. JOE TRUSTED ME. Joe had been in my bathroom since he was super tiny and he grew to be such a big boy. My friend was distraught. He’s a Pisces, so he immediately felt my deep sorrow for Joe. He apologized and swore to never squish any more spiders at my house. I think Joe was biologically female because there is a baby Joe. Baby Joe is on my ceiling but idk if I can gain Baby Joe’s trust after they witnessed the murder of their parental figure. RIP Joe I miss you so much. Getting ready in the morning will never be the same.
May 2022
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Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.

twitchquotes: Hey Kripp, i am the manager of the supermarket where you buy packages of vegetables everyday. After you leave every morning we are left with no vegetables. People are started to complain about you and asked me to ban you from coming to this supermarket. They threatened me if i don't ban you they won't come here anymore. I am so sorry that i have to do this. Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.
twitch chat
March 2018

Blizzard responds to blitzchung ban

twitchquotes: The 💰 specific 💰 views 💰 expressed 💰 by 💰 blitzchung 💰 were 💰 NOT 💰 a 💰 factor 💰 in 💰 the 💰 decision💰 we💰 made.💰 I 💰 want 💰 to 💰 be 💰 clear: 💰 our 💰 relationships 💰 in China 💰 had 💰 no💰 influence 💰 on 💰 our 💰 decision.💰
twitch chat
October 2019


My laptop gets hot when chat is spammed

twitchquotes: Guys can you please not spam the chat. My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spamed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. Please, if you don't want me to get burned, then dont spam the chat
twitch chat
August 2014


Scrapper from Mr Bean

──────▄█████████▄────────────── ────▄██▀─▀████████▄──────────── ───██──▀██▄█████████─────────── ───██────▀██▀─▀███▀──────────── ────██───▄█──────────────────── ─────███──██─────────────────── ───────██──██────────────────── ────────██──███──────────────── ────────█─██──██─────────────── ────────██─██──██──────██────── ────────██─███──███──█████───── ───────████████──█████████───── ─────██─██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀████──── ───███─█▀─────────────────███── ──███─█▀─────────────▄███▄──██─ ███──█▀────────────▄███████──██ ██──█▀──▄█▄──▐─▌──██▀─█──██─█─█ █───█────▀──▄▀▀▀▄─▀█▄──▄██──█─█ █───█────────███─▌──▀███▀──██─█ ██──█▄────────▌──▐────────██──█ ██───█▄─────▐▄▌──▌──────▄█───██ ███───██▄────▌──▐────▄██▀───██─ ─██────▀███▄─▀▀▀▀─▄███▀─────██─ ──██──────▀████████▀───────██── ───██────────▄██▄─────────██─── ───███──────▀████▀───────██──── ────███▄▄─────▀▀─────▄▄███───── ────██████████████████████───── ───███──██──────────██──███──── ────────██──────────██───────── ────────███────────███─────────
September 2021

Kripp has NEVER said "I LOVE YOU" to chat

twitchquotes: Kripp has NEVER said "I LOVE YOU" to chat. We've been with him for 2+ years and he doesn't have the guts to say it. Or maybe he doesn't even really care about us after all we've been through. If Kripp doesn't say "I love you" to us chat, then I think it's time we leave him until he realizes how important we are.. BibleThump
twitch chat
June 2017
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