[Copypasta] Dear Liberals: Stop putting women in MY p**n.

Last night when I was looking for some good Twink x BBC p**n on the hub I accidentally clicked the homepage, and to my horror I saw something I would never forget. A FUCKING WOMAN!!! And she was taking some good d**k too! The Worse part is that this shit is popular! The entire homepage is just filled with these hot dudes having sex with women!! I can’t stand these people anymore. First they ruin Star Wars and Ghostbusters, then they go after my video games and now my p**n? Fuck this. When will these Liberal SJW rainbow haired whales realize that P**N IS A MAN ONLY JOB. These feminists keep putting women everywhere where they shouldn’t be cuz “mUh GeNdEr EqUaLiTy”. How about you take you throw away your PhD in Gender studies and go back to the kitchen where y’all belong. Give us guys a break. tl;dr Feminazis are ruining p**n
April 2022
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lul EU.... I guess

twitchquotes: Lost to EU in Twitch Rivals FeelsBadMan Lost to EU at Worlds FeelsBadMan Lost to EU at MSI FeelsBadMan Only 1 NA mid next season FeelsBadMan lul EU.... I guess FeelsBadMan
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December 2019
Riot Games

League of Legends

My fifth sudoku this week

twitchquotes: Well I regret to inform you Kripp that your choice to return to Path of Poe has confirmed my suicide tonight. It had been a fun ride, but I simply cannot afford to live any longer. Please bless me that I may rip in paparolies, as this will be my fifth suicide this week.
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March 2014

Dear Kripp, this is you from the future!

twitchquotes: Dear Kripp, this is you from the future!!! The fate of Earth depends on YOU! When you ignored chat and didn't place the kitty on your lap and pet it, it lead to a global economic crash and all out nuclear war!! For the love of humanity put the damn kitty in your lap now and pet it like our lives depend on it!!!!! Sincerely , Future Kripp
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November 2014

How to kill a geologist

Disclaimer: my hatred of geologists is purely theatrical, but if I did have to kill one for some reason, it would be very easy. I’d brandish my obsidian knife at them and they’d be compelled to approach. “That’s very cool,” they’d say, confident in their superior strength and endurance from all the rocks they carry around at all times. They’d shower me with very interesting facts about obsidian and hover just out of range of the cutting edge, waiting for me to exhaust myself. “But as it is volcanic glass, it’s very fragile, you see, and isn’t well-suited for use as a weap—” and then I’d hit them with the wooden baseball bat in my other hand, which they would not have noticed because geologists can only see rocks and minerals.
January 2022

Fulfill my dreams of being an industrial vacuum

twitchquotes: Hello Reynad, big fan here trying to fulfill my dreams of being an industrial vacuum for constipated hospital patients, any tips on sucking ass?
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January 2015
Text-to-Speech Playing