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twitchquotes: MrDestructoid Anyone who thinks mobile games can't be amazing has never played Art of Conquest! My friends are all having a blast already, and I'll be joining them right away! I'll also be subscribing to Kripp's channel to stay up to date! MrDestructoid ERROR public static void WaitTime(NULL)
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60 fps is too smooth
twitchquotes: Who cares! It is a scientific fact that the human eye cannot tell the difference. In fact i'd argue that 60 fps looks worse. 60 fps is too smooth, it's like petting a shark, the scales (frames) are too smooth so it cuts your hand (eyes), while 30 fps is nice and stable and gives you a better immersion because the frames travel a longer distance so the world looks bigger
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It's NOT Sudoku or Subaru. It's Seppuku or Harakiri.
twitchquotes: I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Nihongo (Japanese for you gaijin), and I’ve been involved in numerous study abroad trips to Japan, and I have memorized over 300 kanji characters. You need to learn that the correct term for ritual suicide is Seppuku or Harakiri. It's NOT Sudoku or Subaru. Please educate yourselves.
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twitchquotes: ATTENTION: The stream is now in NON-SUB-ONLY mode. If you would like to continue watching Kripparrian, please unsubscribe!
We will not go quietly into the night!
twitchquotes: We will not go quietly into the night! WutFace We will not vanish without a fight! WutFace We’re going to live on! WutFace We’re going to survive! WutFace Today, we celebrate our Independence Day! WutFace BROTHERS, HOLD THE LINE 🏥 WutFace _🔪
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Cheerio Kripp, this is Nigel from Yogurtcast
twitchquotes: Cheerio Kripp, this is Nigel from Yogurtcast. Oliver and I have some smashing news for you! Your casual playstyle, and ability to endure childrens videogames makes you a proper candidate for the splendid world of Minecraft commentary! Tally ho!
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