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VAPE Master hat and dress
twitchquotes: deIlluminati only the VAPE-MASTER can wear this vape hat VapeNation and has the perfect body for this beautiful dress DNCbell
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Perfect Pharaoh Pyramid
deIlluminati only real Pharaoh can built this perfect pyramid TBTacoLeft  TBTacoRight . Try like me !Try like me ! Try like me ! TBTacoLeft  TBCheesePull  TBTacoRight And my pyramid still higher!!!!!! TBTacoLeft  TBCheesePull  TBCheesePull  TBTacoRight
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(▀̿Ĺ̯├┬┴┬┴ Psst... kid, you wanna disable adblock?
Vape master vape hat
twitchquotes: deIlluminati only the VAPE master can wear the vape hat VapeNation
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There is a bunch of Twitch overlords
twitchquotes: There is a bunch of Twitch overlords who grow batches of streamers from genetically modified eggs. When these eggs hatch and grow, they are given their first computer and start streaming a Dora the Explorer game. As they grow up, the most popular streamers advance and are given more complex games to stream, from CoD to Hearthstone. Each streamer lives in a small cubicle, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of cubicles on the grounds of the Twitch Headquarters. deIlluminati
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deIlluminati face
twitchquotes: ( deIlluminati ͜ʖ deIlluminati )
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I used to be a real ad
Don't mind me just promoting the new world order
twitchquotes: deIlluminati DON'T deIlluminati MIND deIlluminati ME deIlluminati JUST deIlluminati PROMOTING deIlluminati THE deIlluminati NEW deIlluminati WORLD deIlluminati ORDER deIlluminati
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7/11 was a part time job
twitchquotes: deIlluminati 7/11 was a part time job deIlluminati
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A cat's eye view is the best advantage
twitchquotes: "wtf are you doing Micheal" says Lisha as she walks into the room and sees QT on top of the cat stand. He looks at her and says "A cat's eye view is the best advantage." deIlluminati
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Velen's chosen Prophet Velen
twitchquotes: deIlluminati when you velen's chosen prophet velen he becomes a 9/11, coincidence? deIlluminati
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Text-to-Speech Playing