[Copypasta] Equal rights equal fights

I (15M) was walking from school to home today and a girl (15F) kicked my leg. So yeah I was walking to home today and that bitchass girl kicked my leg. It didn't hurt too much it was more like a fly landing on me as my super muscly body protected me. But anyway, as a person that believes in gender equality I punched her a lot harder with my super muscly manly man fists and knocked her out, kidnapped her to my school's chemistry lab at night, then with my super smart brain I composed HCl (hydrochloric acid for those uneducated inferior peeps) with my super chemistry knowledge. I then dipped her in my glorious acid just like any gender equality believing sigma male would. Equal rights equal fights my dear superior reddit using sigma male friends.
May 2022
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Emoji move emoji review

twitchquotes: A πŸ‘Œ whole πŸ’¦ town πŸͺ of πŸ’¦ beings, πŸ‘€ confined to πŸ’¦ feeling 😜 one 😀 emotion their πŸ† entire πŸ‘ life. πŸ‘€ That 😐 could πŸ”’ honestly πŸ‘ be 🐝 the πŸ‘ focus of πŸ’¦ an πŸ‘Ή entire πŸ‘ movie, πŸŽ₯ but πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ emoji πŸ˜‚ movie πŸŽ₯ that's 😦 just πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ world 🌎 they πŸ‘₯ live πŸ™… in, πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ yet πŸ˜‡ these πŸ‘ˆ beings πŸ‘€ don't 🚫 question 😩 it πŸ’― and πŸ‘ carry πŸ”› on πŸ”› their πŸ† lives πŸ“΄ as πŸ‘ normal... 😐 the πŸ‘ emoji πŸ˜‚ movie πŸŽ₯ takes πŸ˜‰ a πŸ‘Œ far 🌌 more πŸ— subtle πŸ™ˆ approach 😜 meaning critics probably 😻 didn't 🚫 notice the πŸ‘ strong πŸ’ͺ existential themes present πŸ’² in πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ film upon πŸ‘¦ first πŸ‘† viewing.
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July 2017

Emoji Pasta

I once had sleep paralysis

twitchquotes: i once had sleep paralysis and i imagined Kripparian slowly slithering up to me and i felt the brush of his wirey beard press against my chest and his boulder-like face was a miillimeter away from mine and he whispered "..He had the perfect cerds" then drained all my RNG power right out of my chest. I cried for days.
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December 2014

Blizzard changes Fiery War Axe

twitchquotes: The other option we considered for Fiery War Axe was to lower its attack to 2, but that change didn’t feel intuitive enough. Generally, changing the mana cost of a card is less disruptive, because you can always see the mana cost of cards in your hand. LUL
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September 2017


which position would you be in a human centipede?

When asked "which position would you be in a human centipede?" most would answer "first." I, however would answer third. Why you ask? When asked "which position would you be in a human centipede?" most would answer "first." I, however, would answer third. Why you ask? When the first member of the centipede is fed, they will eventually defecate forcing the second member to ingest their feces. One could imagine that would be considered incredibly disgusting. As such, the second member would immediately vomit. After vomit travels into the first member's anus and up into their colon, they'll then pust another load into the second member's mouth even more disgusting than the last. The third member would never ingest the feces of the second member as they will always vomit what the first member expels back into them. The third member of the centipede gets to chill while the first and second trade a volley of shitty barf with each other forever.
May 2022

Blizzard responds to blitzchung ban

twitchquotes: The πŸ’° specific πŸ’° views πŸ’° expressed πŸ’° by πŸ’° blitzchung πŸ’° were πŸ’° NOT πŸ’° a πŸ’° factor πŸ’° in πŸ’° the πŸ’° decisionπŸ’° weπŸ’° made.πŸ’° I πŸ’° want πŸ’° to πŸ’° be πŸ’° clear: πŸ’° our πŸ’° relationships πŸ’° in China πŸ’° had πŸ’° noπŸ’° influence πŸ’° on πŸ’° our πŸ’° decision.πŸ’°
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October 2019


Text-to-Speech Playing