[Copypasta] The ultimate tool to win any argument you're in, works even if you're losing

That's a nice argument you have, but unfortunately, I had sexual intercourse with your mother, therefore rendering any point you make null.
May 2021
I used to be a real ad
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twitchquotes: MingLee I MingLee KNOW MingLee WHEN MingLee THAT MingLee HOTLINE MingLee MING MingLee THAT MingLee CAN MingLee ONLY MingLee MING MingLee ONE MingLee LEE MingLee YOU MingLee USED MingLee TO MingLee MingLee CALL MingLee ME MingLee ON MingLee MY MingLee CELLPHONE MingLee
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November 2015


Kripp subscribes to life

twitchquotes: ļ¼©ć€€ļ½•ļ½Žļ½“ļ½•ļ½‚ļ½“ļ½ƒļ½’ļ½‰ļ½‚ļ½…ļ½„怀ļ½†ļ½’ļ½ļ½ć€€ļ½Œļ½‰ļ½†ļ½…怀ļ½”ļ½ć€€ļ½—ļ½ļ½”ļ½ƒļ½ˆć€€ļ¼«ļ½’ļ½‰ļ½ļ½ļ½ļ½’ļ½‰ļ½ļ½Žļ¼Œć€€ļ½„ļ½…ļ½–ļ½ļ½”ļ½…ļ½„怀ļ½ļ½Žļ½„怀ļ½“ļ½•ļ½‚ļ½“ļ½ƒļ½’ļ½‰ļ½‚ļ½…ļ½„怀ļ½ļ½™ļ½“ļ½…ļ½Œļ½†ć€€ļ½”ļ½ć€€ļ½ˆļ½‰ļ½ļ¼Œć€€ļ½ˆļ½‰ļ½“怀ļ½ƒļ½ˆļ½ļ½Žļ½Žļ½…ļ½Œļ¼›ć€€ļ½ˆļ½ļ½—怀ļ½ļ½ć€€ļ¼©ć€€ļ½’ļ½…ļ½ļ½ļ½‰ļ½„ļ¼Ÿć€€ļ¼«ļ½’ļ½‰ļ½ļ½ć€€ļ½‚ļ½…ļ½”ļ½’ļ½ļ½™ļ½“怀ļ½ļ½…ļ¼Œć€€ļ½“ļ½•ļ½‚ļ½“ļ½ƒļ½’ļ½‰ļ½‚ļ½‰ļ½Žļ½‡ć€€ļ½ˆļ½‰ļ½ļ½“ļ½…ļ½Œļ½†ć€€ļ½”ļ½ć€€ļ¼¬ļ¼©ļ¼¦ļ¼„ļ¼ć€€iā€™ļ½ć€€ļ½“ļ½ļ½’ļ½’ļ½™ć€€ļ¼«ļ½’ļ½‰ļ½ļ½ļ¼Œć€€ļ½‚ļ½•ļ½”怀ļ¼“ļ¼Øļ¼©ļ¼³ć€€ļ¼­ļ¼Æļ¼®ļ¼“ļ¼Ø怀ļ½™ļ½ļ½•ć€€ļ½ļ½’ļ½…ļ½Žā€™ļ½”怀ļ½‡ļ½…ļ½”ļ½”ļ½‰ļ½Žļ½‡ć€€ļ½™ļ½ļ½•ļ½’怀ļ½„ļ½ļ½Žļ½‡ļ½…ļ½’ļ½“ļ¼Œć€€ļ¼µļ¼®ļ¼³ļ¼µļ¼¢ļ¼¢ļ¼„ļ¼¤ļ¼Ž
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March 2014

Great Thermo-War

twitchquotes: It is the year 2134. I am one of the last people on the planet. Nearly everyone was wiped out in the Great Thermo-War. Now there is no reason to live. I open my holodeck-transponder and go to "Twitch tv". I turn on Kripp's stream and see that he has made it to Rank 10. I succumb to my radiation poisoning.
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January 2015

Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.

twitchquotes: Hey Kripp, i am the manager of the supermarket where you buy packages of vegetables everyday. After you leave every morning we are left with no vegetables. People are started to complain about you and asked me to ban you from coming to this supermarket. They threatened me if i don't ban you they won't come here anymore. I am so sorry that i have to do this. Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.
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March 2018

MrDestructoid ERROR public static void

twitchquotes: MrDestructoid Anyone who thinks mobile games can't be amazing has never played Art of Conquest! My friends are all having a blast already, and I'll be joining them right away! I'll also be subscribing to Kripp's channel to stay up to date! MrDestructoid ERROR public static void WaitTime(NULL)
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June 2017


Text-to-Speech Playing