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Sonic Inflation

Today I learned that in 2003 the fast food company β€œSonic” began printing out their own money to pay their workers. This led to a huge inflation in the economy and was one of the leading factors of the 2008-2009 recession. Would highly recommend looking up Sonic Inflation on google if you want to learn more.
April 2021

I lied. Again

twitchquotes: Months have passed. Hosty has lost everything. "I wish I never ghosted" says a heavily drunk Hosty as he notices a dark figure behind him."I can give you your life back as long as you do something for me" says Amaz. Hosty knowing what Amaz wants bends over and lets him have his way. Afterwards as he cries on bed, Amaz whispers in his ear "I lied. Again"
twitch chat
February 2015
Tempo Storm

Warrior vs Warrior ResidentSleeper

twitchquotes: See Kripp streaming PogChamp , see Kripp playing constructed Kappa , See it's Warrior vs Warrior ResidentSleeper
twitch chat
August 2015


It seems you've tarried Mrump

twitchquotes: Do you take Rania to be your lawfully wedded wife?" asks the priest. Kripp smiles as he slips the ring on her finger. "Yes I do," he says, squinting in the glare of a foggy day. The priest says, "You may kiss the bride." as the crowd cheers. Kripp lifts Rania's veil and recoils in horror. Trump smirks, "It seems you've tarried Mrump."
twitch chat
February 2015

Is KogMaw's passive account specific?

twitchquotes: Hi Michael, I saw Doublelift playing Kogmaw yesterday and he didn't seem to have the same cool passive you have. Was his game bugged or is the passive account specific?
twitch chat
September 2017

League of Legends

Text-to-Speech Playing