[Copypasta] There is no "random number generator" in any games

twitchquotes: I have a REQUEST: could you please stop saying "RNG"? There is no "random number generator" in any games. It's all PSEUDO-random number generator. So therefore it should be PNG or PRNG and not RNG. I am a mathematician, this is important to me, thank you. Using incorrect terms make you lose unprofessional and amateurish and make you lose credibility
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April 2019
I used to be a real ad
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Hello this is Dan from the next room over

twitchquotes: Hello this is Dan from the next room over. Can you be quiet for 2 minutes it's almost 2am and I can still hear you. I have had a hard day doing REAL work for 13 hours and all I want is a bit of peace and quiet. LOL just kidding it's Tanner from highschool again, enjoy playing your kids games while I'm hanging out with Becca. We're watching re-runs of that time you lost that video game tournament. Peace out!
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June 2019

Tanner from High School

LCS sponsorships

I can’t wait to see TSM FTX take DIG QNTMPAY’s CISCO NEXUS after they win the GRUBHUB team fight and get a BUD LIGHT ACE at the RED BULL BARON. I can then tweet on the VERIZON 5G all chat during the ROCCAT REPLAY and STATE FARM analyst desk.
July 2021


League of Legends

You are NOT a closer

It's SURPRISING that QT lives at your house. I don't know HOW you closed that deal cause you've never closed anything EVER. You're not a closer. You're a relief pitcher AT MAX. You're not a fucking clos- you don't got the ICE COLD VEINS like ME that I was BORN WITH to COMPETE. You're a 6th/7th inning PITCHER! You pitch those 1 2 innings FOR ME. So mango can come in and CLOSE THE DEAL. Cause I'M A CLOSER.
August 2021

Super Smash Bros

Text-to-Speech Playing