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Today's video is brought to you by Skillshare™️, The online learning community that's helped millions to discover their passion to take the next step in their creative journeys. They have tons of classes on things like productivity, fine art, marketing, and graphic design ranging in difficulty for anyone from beginners to full-blown masters. Most of the classes offered are under 60 minutes and every class is always 100% ad free, and trust me, I know how much you guys hate ads (you guys don't hate this one right?), I recently found this class called "finding fulfillment using pivots to power your creative career with author and podcast host Emma Gannon" to be especially inspiring. They're always adding new premium classes, so there's never a dull moment, and Skillshare™️'s entire catalog now offers subtitles in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch, so click the link in the description and sign up for Skillshare™️ today and the first thousand people who use the link in the description will get an entire month for free.
April 2022
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Ben Brode and Tyrande

twitchquotes: Ben Brode twirls his fingers in Tyrande's soft dirty blue hair. "If I do this, will you make Elune great again?" Tyrande asks as she starts to undress. "Just do as I say and I'll give you the next Dr. Boom". Tyrande prepares her Cockbiter Weapon. She nods as Ben Brode takes out his 4 mana 7/7 and slams it into Tyrande's 0/5 tightwell. "BY ELUNE'S GRACE"! Tyrande screams. After Boom-botting for 3 seconds, "HAAHAAHAA! YOU HAVE BEEN PURIFIED!" Brode yells as he SCAMAZes all over Tyrande's face..
twitch chat
October 2016


If Kripp was a vacation he'd be nl_Tripp

twitchquotes: If Kripp was a vacation he'd be nl_Tripp 4Head If Kripp was a leaky pipe he'd be nl_Dripp 4Head If Kripp didn't wear a shirt he'd be nl_Nipp 4Head
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May 2015

A fine capitalist girl

twitchquotes: I may be✊ a communist 🚩⚒⭐️ but if i see👀 a fine 💯👌😩 capitalist 💰🇺🇸 girl 👱‍♀️ you bet😤🙌 imma be tryna seize 👐 the means of dat booty 🍑🍆💦💯
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April 2019

Emoji Pasta

Incel Revolutionary Party

twitchquotes: I am going to start a new party called "Incel Revolutionary Party" or "IRP". Almost all women will be taken into concentration camps and they get a handpicked incel boyfriend. The uglier the incel is, the better looking the girl is. Incels that are good looking will only get the fattest and ugliest girlfriends. Non-incels (infidels) will be taken into conversion camps and they will be forced to eat junk food, game all day, never go outside, and never work out. They will be converted to incels. Non-incel women that are against the forced girlfriend laws will also be converted into "incel-allies" by watching state-sponsored propaganda videos that are all about how sad incels are and how much they need girlfriends. There will also be some Chads, Brads and Tyrones that will not be converted into incels because the women who are incels (femcels) will not have to be a forced girlfriend. They will get a free boyfriend. If the chosen chads, brads and tyrones are against the laws, they will also be forced to watch propaganda videos about sad femcels are.
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November 2020

This is an absolutely worthless comment

This is an absolutely worthless comment, and yet it has been upvoted. You have contributed absolutely nothing to any semblance of discussion, and your one word comment at the top has taken away from the others who have commented real things below you. I would kindly suggest that you delete your comment and let the others shine
May 2022


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