[Copypasta] I just lost my virginity and said Poggers

I just lost my virginity and said Poggers Ok so we were flirting and he took of his pants and started to rub his bulge then he pulls his dick out, I dead ass said “ that’s pretty pog” he then broke up with me after we were done 💀
July 2021
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You guessed it right LEL KEK xD

twitchquotes: OSkomodo My KEK is strong OSkomodo My LEL flows free OSkomodo You guessed it right OSkomodo LEL KEK xD OSkomodo
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February 2017

76gb homework folder

twitchquotes: WeirdEyes You really think that 76GB homework folder is fooling anybody WeirdEyes
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September 2018

American website, American computers, American game

twitchquotes: Europoors hating on USA ✓ on a American website ✓ with American computers ✓ on the American invented Internet ✓ watching an American made game ✓ From a country that was liberated and protected by America ✓✓✓
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June 2016


EU vs NA

Your journey to casualness is almost complete

twitchquotes: Trump and Massan watch Kripp together in silent amusement as he slowly enters TSM's lair. "Kripp" Trump announces, "your journey to casualness is almost complete. Henceforth, you shall be known as, Casualarrian." Kripp bows down before him, and says " It is my destiny."
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January 2015

I, as a heterosexual man

twitchquotes: I, as a heterosexual man, would never feel attraction to another man. Not even a slim, supple young lad with hyper feminine features in the most endearing cat outfit you could possibly imagine. That doesn't seem attractive to me at all. If you find pictures of men like this, you can just send them to me so I know what to watch out for and avoid.
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November 2020
Text-to-Speech Playing