[Copypasta] “Ratio” shut up. Shut the fuck up

“Ratio” shut up. Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares! You’re gonna get the negative side of this ratio that you so care about. Shut the fuck up. I thought Reddit was bad enough but now it’s borrowing from Twitter. Nobody gives a shit about the like ratio, nobody gives a shit about your retarded comment. Take my advice and shut the fuck up!
July 2021
What happened to this ad? :(
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Tyler can you say geodude

twitchquotes: Hey tyler, can you raise your arms and say "geodude" 3 times. Thanks!
twitch chat
May 2016

Ben Shapiro asks his mom for Robux

Now, let’s say 🗣 hypothetically, you 👆, my mother 👪. Were to give 🎁 me, your 👉 son 🙎‍♂️, your 👉 credit 💸 card 💳 information 👌🏼. So I 👥 could make 🛠 a purchase 💲 of 500 💯 robux 👏 on the Roblox.com/store. Contrary to what my sister 👱‍♀️ will have you 👆 believe 🙅🏻, I 👥 have done ✅ a very ‼ good 👌 job 🙆‍♂️🤵 of doing my chores 🧼, including 📲, but 🍑 not limited 🔒 to; The dishes 😳🍽👈🏼, the laundry and the taking 👊 out the trash ⛹️‍♀️👶🗑.
December 2020

Ben Shapiro

Imaqtpie submits his Pocket Pick

twitchquotes: Hi Mr Santana. Marc Merrill here. Your recent submission to our 'Pocket Pick' video series left us scratching our chins. Whilst we agree that pepperoni has a nice "twang", the video was supposed to be about your favorite champion, NOT your favorite Hot Pocket. We would appreciate it if you could remake the video, thanks.
twitch chat
March 2017

League of Legends

Spaghetti out of Kripp's underwear

twitchquotes: I love spaghetti, its actually my passion. I have always wanted to eat Greek spaghetti, specifically out of Kripp's underwear where his dongers are Kappa
twitch chat
July 2014

country roads stick figure dance

country roads 🤚 😣/ _/|| _/¯ ¯\_ take me home 👋 \ 😩 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_ to the place 🤚 😳/ _/|| _/¯ ¯\_ I BELOOOONG 😭 👊/||\_ _/¯ ¯\_
April 2021
Text-to-Speech Playing