[Copypasta] Well you see sir, I watch Starcraft

Today my 12 year old and I walked into Harvard to sign him up for college. The dean rudely asked why a 12 year old was signing up for a prestigious institute. My son proclaimed "Well you see sir, I watch Starcraft". The dean tried to apologize but the police rushed in and dragged him out. My son passed all his classes with 4.0s and graduated magnet koom louder on the first day of college.
December 2020
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Twitch Chat is the most elusive substance known to man

twitchquotes: 420/69 scientists agree that Twitch Chat is the most elusive substance known to man. The All-Knowing Twitch Chat flows through the very fabric of space and time. Twitch Chat is very unpredictable. What will Twitch Chat copy/pasta next? Nobody knows. Maybe the elusive Twitch Chat will copy/pasta this very message. Just remember, Twitch Chat knows all, and Twitch Chat is always right.
twitch chat
May 2017

Niga Higa Bromance song lyrics

🌈 BROMANCE 👊 nothing really gay 🥵 about it 💯 not that there's 👌 anything wrong with being KappaPride gay 🌈 BROMANCE 👊 shouldn't be ashamed 👀 or hide it 👤 I love you 😍 in the most heterosexual way 🍆 💦
February 2021

Stay negative

twitchquotes: (︶︹︺ ✿ ) Stay negative _༼ຈ︹ຈ༽_ Kripp is a sellout (︶︹︺ ✿ ) Chat is retarded _༼ຈ︹ຈ༽_ Kitty is dead (︶︹︺ ✿ ) _༼ຈ︹ຈ༽_ Life sucks (︶︹︺ ✿ )
twitch chat
January 2015


Please fortnite i really Like big boob

Please fortnite i really Like big boob Like it would Be big and Add sex so i can Sex th e skin And Feet is Sex too Can there be special emote for big boo skin where is will Take off cloth And show be Feet and I will be like mmm Sex so much I feet Yes! Plaese
April 2021


Text-to-Speech Playing