[Copypasta] .future gens will sit down and listen to...

twitchquotes: people sit with their children, tell them memories about mario, zelda, half life , dark souls, god of war , silent hill, resident evil , metroid.....future gens will sit down and listen to tales of T-Posing, fortnite dances and frying pans in battle royal games....and teach their kids the carlton and listen to the back pack kid and his flossing song.....may god have mercy on us all...
twitch chat
November 2019
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ayo imma keep it real with you chiefs

twitchquotes: ayo imma keep it real with you chiefs. Dont be trash talking these players unless youre a high rank(gold and up) at least have some respect for the people that have put in the work and laid the ground work for the lower ranks.
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July 2018


Value Town was within reach

twitchquotes: Trump couldn’t wait. Value Town was within reach and he moaned, hard, “Tuck Frump!” He was fidgety, yet Kripparrian stripped away his juvenile briefs. “He has the perfect cards…” Kripp thought in his head, “An absolutely ridiculous deck.” Cattarrian stared casually as Kripp bounced his Ragnaros off of Trump’s plump rump.
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November 2014



twitchquotes: SwiftRage :loudspeaker: THIS ELO IS UNFAIR! SwiftRage :loudspeaker: TIMTHEFATMAN IS IN THERE! SwiftRage :loudspeaker: LOSING EVERY GAME SESSION! SwiftRage :loudspeaker: GIVING HIS TEAM DEPRESSION! SwiftRage :loudspeaker:
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December 2016


Ahoy Kripp, ya landlubber

twitchquotes: ୧༼ °͠_▀̿ ༽? Ahoy Kripp, ya landlubber. We request a swashbuckling pirate deck, else ye be walkin the plank. ୧༼ °͠_▀̿ ༽?
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August 2015

୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ riot ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

Stupid low effort memeing

twitchquotes: Every time i watch your stream, I see good old regular normal people trying to ask genuine interesting or just social questions, only to be drowned out by the constant spam of mindless twitch emotes such as KEKW which dont really add any value to the stream. Even worse is the constant copying and pasting of stupid low effort memeing.
twitch chat
March 2020
Text-to-Speech Playing