[Copypasta] .future gens will sit down and listen to...

twitchquotes: people sit with their children, tell them memories about mario, zelda, half life , dark souls, god of war , silent hill, resident evil , metroid.....future gens will sit down and listen to tales of T-Posing, fortnite dances and frying pans in battle royal games....and teach their kids the carlton and listen to the back pack kid and his flossing song.....may god have mercy on us all...
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November 2019
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A teacher asked the class, "what is SEX?"

A teacher asked the class, "what is SEX?" Johnny got up and said, "Sex is a TEMPTATION which causes a SENSATION when a boy sticks his LOCATION into a girl's DESTINATION which increases the POPULATION for the next GENERATION. Do you get my EXPLANATION? or do you need a DEMONSTRATION?" The teacher fainted.
April 2021

You are now breathing and blinking manually

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June 2017

Hey, Forsen Vladimir Putin here

twitchquotes: Hey,Forsen Vladimir Putin here. Just wanted to say that you are the best Russian streamer. Motherland proud of you,boy! You are drinking very nice aswell. Just call me and no riots
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November 2014

Kittarrian and Pussytron

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March 2014

Leifman is abusing his authority as mod again

twitchquotes: Dear Kripp, it has come to my attention that one of your mods "Leifman" has been abusing his authority as mod and banning people for no good reason. I would appreciate if you took some time out of your schedule to take action and remove his mod status. Thank you!
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September 2014
Text-to-Speech Playing