[Copypasta] cant understand how you have a popular stream

twitchquotes: cant understand how you have a popular stream. you keep saying “i dont even know what im doing” and it shows. you’re strats... wait do you have any? doesn’t seem like it. you just seem consistantly terrible. dunno why people watch you. you’re not entertaining or educating or anything... just another garbage ARAM player... lost a potential watcher for... literally anyone else
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September 2019
I used to be a real ad
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Pro players that go to tournaments are not the best

twitchquotes: The "pro" players that go to tournaments and stuff are NOT the best players in the world, not even close. These are just the best players of the type of losers who have the personality deficiency that compels them to actually go to gaming tournaments.
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April 2019


twitchquotes: widepeepoHappy NA THIS widepeepoHappy EU THAT widepeepoHappy IM JUST WIDIN widepeepoHappy IN TWITCH CHAT widepeepoHappy
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March 2020

it will be honor to play that account

twitchquotes: guys i m a engenering student first year but i dont have money and i wanna play this game so much if there is a someone stop play this game it will be honor to play that account
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January 2019

Such exquisite entertainment 🍷

twitchquotes: FeelsOkayMan 🍷 Such exquisite entertainment certainly would not be complete without some full blown ass-blasting gachimuchi, wouldn't you agree, Mr Fors?
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July 2019


TSM aka "Truly Somewhat Mediocre"

TSM aka "Truly Somewhat Mediocre" is a North American team that consistently underperforms in all international tournaments. It is specifically known for having a weak early, mid, and late-game.
February 2022

League of Legends

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