[Copypasta] Endgame spoilers

twitchquotes: I just saw endgame, and it was pretty good, but there were a few weird things. I thought it was strange how the Russo Brothers decided to render Thanosโ€™ erect penis in such vivid detail. The veins were so perfectly done I couldnโ€™t even tell his cock wasnโ€™t real. Another thing I found weird was when Black Panther broke the fourth wall and gave the audience the n-word pass. I did appreciate it, but it would feel more in place in a Deadpool movie. Overall, it was still excellent, but I think that they definitely need to reconsider some things.
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May 2019
I used to be a real ad
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โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–„โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–‘โ–„โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–„โ–„โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘ โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–„โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–€โ–„โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–„โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–„โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–„โ–€โ–„โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–€โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–€โ–€โ–ˆโ–€โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘ โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–€โ–‘โ–€โ–€โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘
August 2015

Don't put grills in your bedroom

twitchquotes: don't put grills in your bedroom, you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning when they are still hot FailFish
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November 2014

Ameng be thy name

twitchquotes: Our father who rolls in heaven, Ameng be thy name. thy goats may come, thy will be shattered, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily cheese, and forgive us our throwing, as we forgive those who throw against us, and lead us not into Mayhem, but deliver us from Justice.
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May 2019


Santana Banana Macaroni

twitchquotes: Hแด‡สŸสŸแด Mส€. Pษชแด‡ I แด€แด Mแด€ส€ษชแด Rษชษขแด€แด›แดษดแด‡ า“ส€แดแด Pแด€sแด›แด€ส€แดษดษช ษชษดแด…แดœsแด›ส€ษชแด‡s I แดกแด€ษดแด› แด›แด แดแด€แด‹แด‡ ษดแด‡แดก แด˜แด€sแด›แด€ ษชษดsแด˜ษชส€แด‡ ส™ส สแดแดœส€ แด€แด…แด„ แด˜สŸแด€ส I แด„แด€สŸสŸ ษชแด› แด›สœแด‡ sแด€ษดแด›แด€ษดแด€ ส™แด€ษดแด€ษดแด€ แดแด€แด„แด€ส€แดษดษช. PสŸแด‡แด€sแด‡ ษดแด Rแด€แด ษชแดสŸษช สŸษชษดษขแดœษชษดษช แด˜แด€sแด›แด€ส€ษชษดแด
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April 2014

This is the shittiest reply ever Modern Warfare version

twitchquotes: This is the shittiest reply ever. Modern Warfare requires movement, camping, claymoring, rotating, and hitting shots. There are not โ€œpositionsโ€ in Modern Warfare. A kickers job is LITERALLY to kick. Horrible analogy, kind of embarrassing.
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December 2019
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