[Copypasta] Only the saltiest one can hold both salts
twitchquotes: PJSalt ___ PJSalt only the saltiest one can hold both salt cans ⎝ Kappa
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Palantir BUY/SELL/HOLD? One-Pager
Is Palantir overhyped or an undervalued tech giant? This is the one-pager to understand the company and how to trade the stock.
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Please tell chat that you Love them
twitchquotes: Hello, Mr Morosan. We want to inform you that your channel has now been striked twice. This is due to the lack of love you give your chat. Please start telling the chat that you "Love them" or else your channel will be terminated. Thank you, Love Department at Twitch.
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Hey Kripp, this is Jessica from Vegan Heritage Corp
twitchquotes: Hey Kripp, this is Jessica from Vegan Heritage Corp. We scanned our ancestry data-base and it appears you're related to the dinosaur known as Willy Vegansaurus the Herbivorous Dinosaur from 194 B.C We have tried contacting him, but it appears he died from a giant 'Meat-eor' sent from Villa the Spaghettisaurus from space. We fear he's making giant meatballs again, we recommend going carnivorous or earth could be doomed again!
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Kripparrian is NEVER lucky?
twitchquotes: (•⌣•) Daddy, is it true as the legend says. That Kripparrian is NEVER lucky? ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) Yes little dong. The legend holds true even to this day.
Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.
twitchquotes: Hey Kripp, i am the manager of the supermarket where you buy packages of vegetables everyday. After you leave every morning we are left with no vegetables. People are started to complain about you and asked me to ban you from coming to this supermarket. They threatened me if i don't ban you they won't come here anymore. I am so sorry that i have to do this. Goodbye vegetable man. Goodbye.
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I come to Twitch chat to discuss important geopolitical events like the Ukraine crisis
twitchquotes: You guys are ruining my chat experience. I come to the Twitch chat to discuss important geopolitical events like the ukraine crisis and it's implications on the socioeconomics of Eastern Europe. Yet here you are ruining everything with your frankerzs and kappas.
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Text-to-Speech Playing