[Copypasta] Called my overweight female friend a heckin chonker today and now she won’t talk to me

My female friend was crying about how fat she was and I was trying to comfort her by telling her that she didn’t look that fat but she kept accusing me of lying to make her feel bad so I thought that saying “maybe your just a heckin chonker” would cheer her up and lighten the mood but she just looked at me and left. I hope she realised that I was only being nice and that she is being irrational.
August 2021
I used to be a real ad
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Please fortnite i really Like big boob

Please fortnite i really Like big boob Like it would Be big and Add sex so i can Sex th e skin And Feet is Sex too Can there be special emote for big boo skin where is will Take off cloth And show be Feet and I will be like mmm Sex so much I feet Yes! Plaese
April 2021


i start cracking bongland jokes inna bri'ish accent. Am I the asshole?

>hanging out with friend group >one guy facetimes some british slag he knows >i start cracking bongland jokes inna bri'ish accent >say she sounds like hermione >Make some joke about earl grey tea >she says, "ask this fuck'a how you even make earl grey tea >Say, "toss it in the boston harbor" >bongchick gets all pissed off >friend asks me to leave Am I the asshole?
June 2021


British People

Ram Ranch pastas

twitchquotes: Jebaited 18,000 copy pastas in Twitch Chat at nl_kripp! Big annoying pastas wanting to be copied! 18,000 twitch users wanting to pasta! Pastas in the chat at nl_kripp! On their keyboards wanting to copy RAM RANCH pasta! Twitch Chat really rocks! Jebaited
twitch chat
October 2016

Mom, twitch chat is not a documentary on Nazis!

twitchquotes: My mom just walked into my room and asked why I was watching a documentary on Hitlers top officers. I told her "No mom it's just twitch chat mods" She called me a Jew hater and burned a Swastika into my forehead.
twitch chat
August 2014

Does it look like I give a duck about your chat experience?

twitchquotes: DuckerZ DOES DuckerZ IT DuckerZ LOOK DuckerZ LIKE DuckerZ I DuckerZ GIVE DuckerZ A DuckerZ DUCK DuckerZ ABOUT DuckerZ YOUR DuckerZ CHAT DuckerZ EXPERIENCE? DuckerZ
twitch chat
April 2016


Text-to-Speech Playing