[Copypasta] Offline Twitch Chat

twitchquotes: wait people are still here? lol thats really weird. i was just gunna click on a vod to watch cuz a friend recommended it and saw you guys still sitting here when the streamer isnt even live. Honestly you guys need a life lmfao, sitting it a streamers chat all day wont make you feel better and it wont improve your chances of sleeping with her, not like you had any to begin with lmfao. you guys are just so pathetic. Later!
twitch chat
January 2021
I used to be a real ad
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Kripp found dead

twitch chat
March 2014

I’m a Zoe HATER

twitchquotes: I’m hoping Zoe DIES xD I’m a Zoe HATER because she’s so cute and EVIL! People get so trolled by her bubble and her voice lines are SATANIC, like the one about cake! She’s super DEGENERATE but also smarter than she looks, just like SATAN as a kid XD
twitch chat
April 2020

League of Legends

you are NOT a Pokémon Trainer

twitchquotes: you are NOT a Pokémon Trainer. true trainers understand that battling requires us to see our opponents as equals. you flaunting Pokémon Showdown, whilst aiding in this riot, only shows your ignorance in what it means to be a trainer.
twitch chat
January 2021

True dank meme EleGiggle

twitchquotes: Hello everyone, Captain EleGiggle here. Please enlist to help fight of the Asian Invasion of MingLee. Copy and paste this to show your support of the true dank meme EleGiggle
twitch chat
October 2015

My instagram explore tab is full of...

My instagram explore tab is full of asian girls. How do I get rid of this so my gf doesn't see?
December 2020


Text-to-Speech Playing