[Copypasta] Moderators you have no right to ban me

twitchquotes: Dear moderators. You have no right to ban me or remove my messages. Do you even know who my father is? He is a very powerful and rich man. I strongly advise you not to mess with me or consequences will be met in court. I hope you understand all the seriousness of the situation. Have a good day.
twitch chat
September 2019


Waiting for adblock to be disabled
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No hate towards Discord server admins

I'm seeing many bigoted messages in #general so I just want to make this clear: any hate towards server admins will result in a permanent ban from this Discord server with no warning. This includes, but is not limited to, calling moderation a "fake job" or saying that we "do it for free". Moderation is one of the most useful jobs to society. Behave. Or get banned.
November 2021



Can the mods ban us all?

twitchquotes: can :thinking: the :thinking: mods :thinking: ban :thinking: us :thinking: all :thinking:
twitch chat
January 2017



What are these mods doing?

twitchquotes: What the fuck are these mods doing? The whole chat is being spammed and absolutely nothing is being done about it. This is the worst fucking stream I have ever watched. I have wonder why anybody would purchase a subscription to this shit hole. This message will probably be drowned out by the circlejerk going on in chat. Fuck you, you fucking spammers. You ruined my fucking day.
twitch chat
August 2018


I hate Twitch Chat

Maximus Kappacus Spamicus, commander of the Twitch Armies

twitchquotes: <:::::[]=¤༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ My name is Maximus Kappacus Spamicus, commander of the Armies of the Twitch, General of the PJSalt Legions, loyal servant to the true Emperor Kripparrian. Father to a banned son, and husband to a banned wife. I will slay all moderinos, whether in this chat or the next. <:::::[]=¤༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
twitch chat
February 2015



Ban one brother and you get the whole trailer park

twitchquotes: KKona BAN KKona ONE KKona BROTHER KKona AND KKona YOU KKona GET KKona THE KKona WHOLE KKona TRAILER KKona PARK
twitch chat
March 2017


Ban X Get The Whole Y

Text-to-Speech Playing