[Copypasta] French word for grape is raisin
twitchquotes: you know whats strange about english, you guys have a word for dried grapes: raisins. but the strange thing is that in french the word grape is litteraly raisin, but we dont have a word for dried ones, we just say dried grapes but in French so raisin sec BUT THATS NOT EVEN THE THE CRAZY PART because do you know what we call a bunch of grape together? a GRAPPE so a bunch of grape in french is Grappe de raisins πŸ€”
(ΰΈ‡ β€’Μ€_‒́)ΰΈ‡ ONE DAY I'LL BE A REAL AD (ΰΈ‡ β€’Μ€_‒́)ΰΈ‡
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