[Copypasta] Ban one bot, manufacture another
twitchquotes: MrDestructoid ban MrDestructoid one MrDestructoid bot MrDestructoid manufacture MrDestructoid another MrDestructoid
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More Ban X Get The Whole Y Copypastas
Ban one American, get the whole McDonald's
twitchquotes: OpieOP ban OpieOP one OpieOP american OpieOP and OpieOP you OpieOP get OpieOP the OpieOP whole OpieOP mcdonalds OpieOP
Ban one MingLee, get the whole dynasty
twitchquotes: MingLee Ban MingLee One MingLee Lee MingLee And MingLee You MingLee Get MingLee The MingLee Whole MingLee Dynasty MingLee
Ban one elephant
twitchquotes: 🐘 BAN 🐘 ONE 🐘 ELEPHANT 🐘 AND 🐘 YOU 🐘 GET 🐘 THE 🐘 WHOLE 🐘 PARADE 🐘
Ban one 12 year old, get the whole 9gag
twitchquotes: :tf: BAN :tf: ONE :tf: 12 :tf: YEAR :tf: OLD :tf: AND :tf: YOU :tf: GET :tf: THE :tf: WHOLE :tf: 9GAG :tf:
Ban one brother and you get the whole trailer park
twitchquotes: KKona BAN KKona ONE KKona BROTHER KKona AND KKona YOU KKona GET KKona THE KKona WHOLE KKona TRAILER KKona PARK
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