[Copypasta] Trump wakes up with a scream and hugs his stuffed bear

twitchquotes: Trump wakes up with a scream and hugs his stuffed bear, "I just had the most awful dream, I was about to be tucked by Kibler!" Trump's bear replies, "That wasn't a dream." As Trump recoils in horror, Kibler smirks, "It seems I'm about to tuck Frump."
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Trump got kicked out of Blizzcon

twitchquotes: Trump got kicked out of Blizzcon when security asked him a question and he refused to answer unless they gave him $4.99
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One hour of Trump's streaming per evening

twitchquotes: I'm not allowed to take sleep inducement medication, because of a previous addictions to psychoactive drugs. So, my doctor instead prescribed 1 hour of Trump's stream per evening. Kappa
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Taking my polar bear for a walk

twitchquotes: ╭( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯╲_____ʕ° ᴥ°ʔ Oh, don't mind me. Just taking my polar bear for a walk.
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F2P player

twitchquotes: Hi Trump, nice warrior deck! I'm a F2P player though, and was wondering if you could tell me what cards i could use in place of Baron, Alexstrasza, Ragnaros, Brawl, Death's bite, and shield slam?
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Bring on the PLEBOLUTION

twitchquotes: Dear subs, I may be a pleb but I am a human being. Please stop taking out your BDSM fantasies of caging us to satisfy your sexual frustration. Bring on the PLEBOLUTION ᕙ(ب_ب)ᕗ
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