[Copypasta] Hey Reynad, Melvin Roede de Paard
twitchquotes: Hey Reynad, Melvin Roede de Paard here. Horse p***s IS food in some countries! It is eaten here in the Netherlands, it is eaten in Slovakia, and horse p***s is also eaten by your hungry butthole!
I used to be a real ad
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twitchquotes: Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and my brother was taking a shit. I don't know why he didn't lock the door, but before I could leave he asked me to grab him a roll of toilet paper. As I was handing it to him he jumped up and smacked a hand full of shit across my face...How will this affect Rick James?
twitchquotes: ( ರ Ĺ̯ ರೃ ) I LIKE MY MEMES DANK ( ರ Ĺ̯ ರೃ )
twitchquotes: Two guys are in a boat with three cigarettes. They had no fire, so they threw one of the cigarettes overboard, and the entire boat became a cigarette lighter.
twitchquotes: Three years have past since the attack of trumps iluminati mods.Reynad, Kripp and a handful of twitch users hid in a cave far away from Value Town, the last stronghold of the spam. ’’Pass me some OJ’’ said the Kripp…Reynad smiled….there wasn’t any left #Rekt.
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