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I had dreams and ambitions of becoming a pro 1v1 player
twitchquotes: Hello OddOne, my name is Gustavian. I had dreams and ambitions, of becoming a professional 1v1 player. I picked this game up yesterday, with hopes and dreams. But you picked a fucking stupid op noob champ, and i lost my 2 bucks because of you. Now i have to stay at my aunts house in Nigeria, because i cant take the train home to Uganda.
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I am Pakistan
twitchquotes: ´ellu oddone. i am pakistan. i spek not so very best englend sorry. i like watch you pley. you bestest jungler in laegue of legend. i want become yuo pls tech me to pley . i want become bester pleyer pls oddone tech me
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What happened to this ad? :(
Dog Face (no space)
twitchquotes: FrankerZ = Dog Face (no space)
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Text-to-Speech Playing