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Hey Sing_sing why did you say you can't kick allies when Envy kicked you from Cloud9

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Frog of Ice

twitchquotes: And then from the clouds of cyber space, a chill wind blew upon a mere Paster pleb, it was the frog of ice, and he unveiled upon him the revelations. the revelations foretold of a new patch, a savior. a messiah, the rise of a new hero and the downfall of others. The mere pleb's feet nearly collapsed under him as he was thunderstruck by the knowledge and he ran with what ever breath was within him to spread the good news.
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I used to be a real ad

10 years since Dota 2 update

twitchquotes: 10 years since Dota 2 update. I walk through the e mpty streets trying to think of something else but  I always end up sitting here, in front of my comp uter. I stare at the screen for hours and try to s ummon Icefrog. I watch other games updating and ge tting new heroes but it is no good. I counter pick  Sniper to resist the meta, but it's all meaningle ss. The end is near. Then I look on the patch-upda te history and cry myself to sleep.
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Peruvians and Dota 2

twitchquotes: Let's look at this statistically. Assuming you are not Peruvian, your team has four chances to spawn a Peruvian. The other team has five chances to spawn a Peruvian. Overall, you will have less Peruvians then your opponents, and will automatically rise on the ladder. If you aren't rising, you are probably secretly a Peruvian, ruining the statistical balance of sweet victory.
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Sing2x this is your girlfriend

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I used to be a real ad

Hi, my name is Artour Babaev

twitchquotes: Hi, my name is Artour Babaev, I was born on south russia, in a small farm of Salt, my entire life was all about salt, I would farm salt with my father rino, in fact, my life was so full of salt, my friends named me "PPD", until some gang of Spooky Scary Skeletons killed him. To this day, I vowed to kill all skeltons to avenge my father, dont cpy pastarino my storyno
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