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I used to be a real ad
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twitchquotes: SPAM πŸ₯– THIS πŸ₯– BREAD πŸ₯– TO πŸ₯– HELP πŸ₯– BALD πŸ₯– HEAD πŸ₯–
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I hate esam and want to suplex him

twitchquotes: Esam put Ken as a low tier. Listen you bald normie, just because he takes brain power to play efficiently unlike your Braindead main Pikachu doesn't mean he's bad. I actually hate esam and I want to suplex him.
(β–€ΜΏΔΉΜ―β”œβ”¬β”΄β”¬β”΄ Psst... kid, you wanna disable adblock?

ESAM's tag actually has a secret meaning

twitchquotes: fun fact: ESAM's tag actually has a secret meaning. the SAM is for his name, Samuel. the E stands for "electronic" since he plays electronic games
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