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Caleb, this is Tom from LA Fitness

twitchquotes: Caleb, this is Tom from LA Fitness: we want you to know you are forever banned from our facilities. We understand you take your workout seriously, but what you and your "friends" did in the showers had no cardiovascular value. I know you said you were "working each others glutes", but we both know that's a lie. What you did with the curl bar was disgusting, and our staff is STILL trying to scrub lubricant and bodily fluids off the ceiling. We have added a "Caleb Alarm", don't return.
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January 2020


Hey Caleb, I'm Yoshinori Kitase do you remember me

twitchquotes: Hey Caleb, I'm Yoshinori Kitase do you remember me, I'm the director of that game you really enjoy, FFVII. I'm here, sitting in my damn fcking good sofa on the Square Enix headquarter, laughing at your fcking face because you even can't finish Big Shoes category. Still remenber the last E3, the boys haved a lot fun looking your face after we don't enouncement FFVII remake. Stop be a fcking loser and speedrun that fcking Big Shoes category, damn guy.
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May 2019
I used to be a real ad
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