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I love my new hat KappaClaus

twitchquotes: I love my new hat KappaClaus but it's too hot lemme take it off KappaRoss damn my hair is messy lemme fix it NotLikeThis ahh much better Kappa
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April 2016

Hold on let me fix my hair

twitchquotes: KappaClaus let me take this hat off KappaRoss dear me my hair! NotLikeThis TheThing this is worse! NotLikeThis Ahh much better Kappa
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February 2016
I used to be a real ad

Gorgeous tone of gray

twitchquotes: GORGEOUS TONE OF GRAY โœ“ Kappa TIMELESS DESIGN โœ“ Kappa THE ORIGINAL KING OF THE EMOTES โœ“ Kappa LOTS OF ADORABLE VERSIONS โœ“ KappaPride KappaClaus KappaRoss MUST BE Kappa โœ“ Kappa
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November 2015
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