[Copypasta] I need help typing
twitchquotes: i need help typing, im new to the americas and i dont know how to english very well can someone help me? pleasew stop spamming chat so i can learn please....without this i wont pass my english class iand ill get deported please...
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Palantir BUY/SELL/HOLD? One-Pager
Is Palantir overhyped or an undervalued tech giant? This is the one-pager to understand the company and how to trade the stock.
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Please don't copy paste or I might get fired
twitchquotes: Hey guys, Im a blizzard employee and I wanted to give all you fellow kripparians a sneak peak at one of our new GvG cards. It's called the coin- 0 mana and if you play it turn 1 as the first player, it randomly selects a player and they automatically win. Hope you are all excited for the new expansion, please don't copy paste or I might get fired.
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Guys don't be mean to Tides!
twitchquotes: Guys don't be mean to Tides! Blizzard has hired him to figure out how many legends there are by losing as many ranks as possible. Pls no copypasta.
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twitchquotes: ~ Kreygasm ~ ~ Kreygasm ~ ~ Kreygasm ~ DUDUDUDUDUDU ~ Kreygasm ~ ~ Kreygasm ~ ~ Kreygasm ~
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My name is Reynad!
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HELP!!! If you're reading this...
twitchquotes: HELP!!! If you're reading this you're the only person in chat that isn't a prerecorded and scripted person yet. Get out before you become...one as we-... Dank Memes
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Text-to-Speech Playing