[Copypasta] It is canon that Kermit the Frog caused 9/11 in the Muppet universe

In the 2002 TV film "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie", there's a part where an angel shows Kermit an alrernate reality where he was never born. For whatever reason, the editors didn't really think about it, and continued to use footage with the twin towers still standing for this scene; however, they aren't there in his original universe. Therefore, something that Kermit did in his life, did in fact cause 9/11 in Muppet lore.
August 2021
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I'm buysexual

I’m buysexual, sometimes I’m a top (when I buy) and sometimes a bottom (when I sell)
December 2020


LS aka "Lost Sight"

twitchquotes: LS aka "Lost Sight" is a blind LCK coach, commentator and streamer who has achieved Korean masters using echolocation through clicking and poker chips. He enjoys streaming in low light environments to reduce the light energy transfer which interferes with his methods.
twitch chat
August 2019

League of Legends

K3soju dating FIRST or EIF

twitchquotes: K3soju met that cute girl. They talked a lot, she seemed perfect. Caring, funny and also unbelievably pretty. He felt that she is the one for him. Once, during their long night conversation, he asked her how many boyfriends she had before him. She said - only one. Michael got furious. "There's no way. I'm not playing for second! I'm FIRST or EIF" Then he muted her and never met her again.
twitch chat
January 2022

We found this new site called CSGO Lotto

twitchquotes: We found this new site called CSGO Lotto—so I'll link it down in the description if you guys want to check it out. We were betting on it today and I won a pot of like $69 or something like that, so it was a pretty small pot, but it was like the coolest feeling ever. I ended up following them on Twitter and stuff, and they hit me up and they're talking to me about potentially doing like a skin sponsorship.
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August 2016


Ho Lee Fuk

twitchquotes: Hello, my name is Ho Lee Fuk and i are fromm Chinaland Father say i need become doctor and make her proud but i chose become HS player like Reckful. Father not happy with choice and told commit sudoku but i know i make right choice. Sorry i no speak propeller engrish and pls no coppy pasterino dongerino frappucino cappucino al pacino
twitch chat
March 2014
Text-to-Speech Playing