[Copypasta] I saw 1.9293948382% of a girl's shoulders today

I saw 1.9293948382% of a girl's shoulders today. I immediately fell to my knees, as the rush of dopamine caused my the impending earth-shattering orgasm started making me moan loud enough to deafen everyone in the immediate vicinity. What followed was a torrential downpour of every single sperm cell I ever have or ever will produce, shot out so hard that my dick was ripped apart by my übernut accelerating to 5% the speed of light by the time it left my urethra. It vaporized the girl as it punched right through her, barely slowed, before cutting through a structural support beam in the school as if it were a nuclear-powered angle grinder. The sheer weight of this historical nut, combined with the total destruction of everything in its path, caused the school to collapse, and every female in the state of New Jersey to fall pregnant with my children. When the final death toll was tallied, there were 146 deaths, 458 injuries, and over 4 million pregnancies. As I lay dying under the rubble of my high school, I rest easy, knowing every one of my sons will repeat my glorious actions.
August 2021
I used to be a real ad
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It was a real life gamer girl

So the other day, I was playing rainbow six siege, and I heard one of my teammates make a callout in the voice chat. It was a real life gamer girl. God, I kid you not, I just stopped playing and pulled my dick out. “fuck, Fuck!” I was yelling in voice chat. I just wanted to hear her voice again. “Please,” I moaned. But she left the lobby. I was crying and covered in my own cum, but I remembered that I could find recent teammates in the ubiplay friends tab. I frantically closed down siege and opened the tab, to find out she had TTV IN HER NAME!!! She was streaming, and only had 100 viewers!!! The competition was low, so I made the first move and donated my months rent to her. I was already about to pre. She read my donation in the chat. God this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I did a little research, and found out where she goes to school, but I am a little nervous to talk to her in person, and need support. Any advice before my Uber gets to her middle school?
August 2021



Lego City copypasta collection

Prepare for landing at LEGO city airport. The giant passenger plane has just arrived. Lower the luggage, and prepare for boarding. Hey! Build the stairs, board the passengers, and take off! The airport collection from LEGO city. There is a traffic jam at LEGO city. Stop! The main bridge is out and needs to be repaired! Hey! Bring in the giant crane, rig the crane, lift up the heavy road and help your city! The construction collection from LEGO city. There's a new fire station at LEGO city! Build the new fire station! Start the fire trucks! And rush out the garage! Hey! Open the garage door! Race to the rescue! And save your city! The new fire collection from LEGO city. The big container ship arrives at the new LEGO city harbour! Load the ship, with the big harbour crane! Hey! Build the crane, lift the heavy containers! Load the ship! And set out from the harbour! The new transport collection from LEGO city. Emergency in LEGO city harbour! The big container ship is on fire! Quick! To the fire station! You can launch the new fire boat! Hey! You can build the fire boat! Attach the motor! And rush out to put out the fire! The new fireboat is fast! Powerful! And perfect for the job! You can save the day! With the new fire boat in LEGO city! Batteries not included. Each set sold separately.
December 2020

Lego City

Is this chat filled with parrots?

twitchquotes: Is this chat filled with parrots? All you guys do is copy what the person above you wrote. Please have some originality and contribute to a smarter chat.
twitch chat
August 2014

I hate Twitch Chat

Quit gaming 8 months ago. Bought a new car

twitchquotes: Quit gaming 8 months ago. Bought a new car, I have an amazing new girlfriend, I make a shitload of money and I'm buying a house this spring. I party every weekend, I'm never home. I'm enjoying life. Do yourselves a favor. Stop trying to make gaming a career. It's cringe as fuck
twitch chat
September 2019

One mouse to rule them all

twitchquotes: Three mice for the Diablo 3 players under the sky, Seven for the Hearthstoners in their halls of stone, Nine for Path of Exile doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Greece where the Shadows lie. One mouse to rule them all, One mouse to find them, One mouse to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
twitch chat
February 2015
Text-to-Speech Playing