[Copypasta] LCK AKA “literally can’t kill”
twitchquotes: LCK AKA “literally can’t kill” is the most boring major region internationally known for their low tempo boring gameplay, their premier caster LS aka “literally sleeping” and owning the record for the longest league game of all time.
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twitchquotes: SPAM BrainSlug THIS BrainSlug SLIME BrainSlug TO BrainSlug HELP BrainSlug C9
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Airport wifi password
twitchquotes: 📞 4Head HELLO TSM? 📞 4Head TL HERE 📞 4Head AIRPORT WIFI PASSWORD IS "123456789" 📞 4Head waiting for fly quest
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twitchquotes: PogChamp HASAKI ▬ι══════ﺤ duDudu
LCS, aka "Lowest Championship Series"
twitchquotes: LCS, aka "Lowest Championship Series", is a League for Riot Games that is often ridiculed for it's ARAM games and questionable Pyke and Jayce games. It is specifically known for it's losing in the fastest international Best of Five
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Why aren't there any NA teams at Worlds?
twitchquotes: Hi guys I’m new here. But isn’t this a Worldwide league of legends championship? I think It’s really unfair that there aren’t any NA teams, why isn’t such a huge, skilled, representative portion of the playerbase not participating?
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