[Copypasta] I like the chat clean of copypasta messages

twitchquotes: I like the fact that this chat doesn't create extremely long copy pasta messages that nobody wants to read. Mods really do a good job making sure that chat is clear of any senseless spam that distracts from the actual content put out by the talented streamer.
twitch chat
January 2020
I used to be a real ad
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HAHA Just kidding, it's still Diablo Immortal

twitchquotes: H-hey kripp, do you remember me from 2000? Freshman year? It's Diablo 2. I just wanted to stop by since I haven't seen you in 18 years, I've been looking for you. I always thought you were really smart and talented, but I could never work up the nerve to tell you. Anyway, I hope you're doing well...HAHA Just kidding, it's still Diablo Immortal you fucking gullible idiot lmfao. Anyway, the cell phone awaits, see ya man good talk.
twitch chat
November 2018


twitchquotes: KappaPride SPAM KappaPride THIS KappaPride GAY KappaPride TO KappaPride HELP KappaPride ZACKRAY
twitch chat
February 2019


Super Smash Bros

Kangaroos vs Uruguayans

This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos...
October 2021

Spoilers in Twitch Chat

twitchquotes: Keep sharing spoilers guys! Those shows seem so interesting, I'm so glad I'm reading all these spoilers. What about some Game of Thrones spoilers now? How hard can you spoil it?
twitch chat
April 2014

in germany we have a beautiful saying if you like a girl

twitchquotes: in germany we have a beautiful saying if you like a girl "deine mutter lutscht schwänze in der hölle" it means your smile brightens my day :) Please no copy pasta
twitch chat
July 2017
Text-to-Speech Playing