[Copypasta] Pro players that go to tournaments are not the best

twitchquotes: The "pro" players that go to tournaments and stuff are NOT the best players in the world, not even close. These are just the best players of the type of losers who have the personality deficiency that compels them to actually go to gaming tournaments.
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April 2019
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98% of memes aren't even remotely funny

twitchquotes: Did 👏 You 👈 Know? 💭 98% of 💦 memes 🐸 aren't 🚫 even 🌃 remotely funny, 😄 but 🍑 rather 👉 an 👹 indication of 💦 the 👏 low 📉 intelligence, absence of 💦 empathy, and 👏 devolution of 💦 modern 🖥 man. 👨
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July 2017


twitchquotes: monkaS 👉 🔴 BUTTON monkaS 👉 🔴 monkaS 👉 🔴 BUTTON monkaS 👉 🔴
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June 2017


Lisa Ann wants Trick2g to be in the porn industry

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July 2014

I once had sleep paralysis

twitchquotes: i once had sleep paralysis and i imagined Kripparian slowly slithering up to me and i felt the brush of his wirey beard press against my chest and his boulder-like face was a miillimeter away from mine and he whispered "..He had the perfect cerds" then drained all my RNG power right out of my chest. I cried for days.
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December 2014

Non golden chillwind yeti is unacceptable

twitchquotes: Reynad my lad, I'm quite saddened to see how drab your hearthstone play has become. Is that a NON GOLDEN CHILLWIND YETI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD? God save your barbarian soul, you filthy peasant... I was raised in an age where CLASS was valued. Im going to kaceytrons stream where i know ill find real quality
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March 2014
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