[Copypasta] FORSEN BAJS

▬F▬O▬R▬S▬E▬N▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬B▬A▬J▬S▬▬ forsenE  forsen1  forsen2  forsenE  forsen1  forsen2  forsenE  forsen1  forsen2  forsenE forsenE  forsen3  forsen4  forsenE  forsen3  forsen4  forsenE  forsen3  forsen4  forsenE
twitch chat
What happened to this ad? :(
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This "Okayge COCK" trend

twitchquotes: This "Okayge COCK" trend has got to be the WORST "meta" I have ever seen, truly a new low for you brain dead ForsenBoys. I know you Forsen viewers are not the brightest of the Twitch community, but holy shit this is a new low.
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Forsen how DARE you miss lethal

twitchquotes: Forsen how DARE you miss lethal. You are a pro gamer. I look up to you as my hearthstone mentor, perhaps even as a father figure. My dad wouldn't miss lethal, and neither should you...
twitch chat

Can Goldshire Footman replace Auctioneer for miracle rogue?

twitchquotes: Hi chat and forsen, I am wondering what I can replace auctioneer for in my Miracle rogue deck, do you think Goldshire Footman will work? Thanks and hope you suggest good cards. Greetings from Nigeria
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Intelligence and tolerance

twitchquotes: This is the best possible chat. The combination of inteligence and tolerance, it's just crazy. I never thought I'd ever say this, but you guys make me proud I'm a member of twitch chat. Kappa
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twitchquotes: ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ SORRY I DROPPED MY BAG OF COMMUNISTS ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
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