[Copypasta] After Reynad uses pictures of his forehead for Tinder...

twitchquotes: After Reynad began using only pictures of his forehead for his Tinder account, his amount of female attention increased drastically. One woman was particularly ready to hop in bed with him. "I'm going to make so much money off of this thirsty Ukrainian!" she said to herself. Unfortunately for her she left her phone on with Andrey's Tinder profile open and his forehead heard her. She "disappeared" within the week.
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I used to be a real ad
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gullin15 is the best streamer

twitchquotes: gullin15 is the best streamer
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Tides left reynad for C9

twitchquotes: ☑ “This team's salary is CRAZY!” ☑ “Reynad's contract can't win against a salary like C9's” ☑ "They NEEDED precisely those bonuses to get me to sign" ☑ “They bribed the only player that would turncoat” ☑ "They had the perfect negotiator" ☑ “There was nothing Reynad could do” ☑ “I backstabbed that perfectly"


twitchquotes: ლ(◉◡◔ლ) HUNTARD OP ლ(◉◡◔ლ)
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twitchquotes: ヽ༼Ὸل͜ຈ༽ノ HOIST THY DONGERS ヽ༼Ὸل͜ຈ༽ノ
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Twitch Memer in his natural habitat

twitchquotes: Here we can observe the Twitch Memer in his natural habitat, stuck as usual in this intricate limbo of carefully crafted memes, emote spam and endless copypastas that no one even bothers to read anymore. The Memer actually used to be a very functional human being way back then. Will he ever claim that state back and finally manage to reproduce?
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