[Copypasta] This frog's head just got stuck on this ladder
twitchquotes:╠═ OSfrog ═╣ This frog's head just got stuck on this ladder. To make him feel better, enslave his frog brothers too by spamming this.
Forsenlol's stream, posted on April 2015
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    twitchquotes:When jon lenon was 10 his teacher askd "what do u wana do when u are adult?" and jon lenon said "hapy". the teacher said "u didn't understand question" and lenon said "u dont understand life.". The teacher was alber Einstein, retweet if u beliv in god
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    twitchquotes:<(-O-)> POWERING UP <(-O-)> PORTAL ONLINE
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    twitchquotes:We have the perfect seven letter emote for a mega-sized british man laughing at your inferior memes. However, we had to take it one step further with this perverted version of the MEGALUL emote and now my chat experience has been completed destroyed. All I wanted was a chat where I could MEGALUL at the LUL fags but now GIGALUL has destroyed the balance of emotes and chat will never be great again.
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