[Copypasta] Whisper solemnly into the dark. 'kripparrian'
twitchquotes:waking suddenly. i feel cum in my diaper. i whisper solemnly into the dark. 'kripparrian.'
nl_Kripp's stream, posted on March 2014
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    twitchquotes:╰༼ಠʖ̯ಠ༽ノ LOWER CASE IS FOR THE LOWER CLASS ╰༼ಠʖ̯ಠ༽ノ
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    twitchquotes:Kripp is the remarkable twenty year old that discovered one weird trick to look twice his age. It's called being VEGAN and it limits your body’s nutritional intake and makes you look and feel TWICE AS OLD. Why would anyone want to be vegan you may ask, well all vegans hate animals so they eat all the animals food so that they starve to death.
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    twitchquotes:Hello Kripp, Motorbike Guy here. Just wanted to say: ♩♬~♪ VROOOOM ♩♬~♪ . ♩♬~♪ VROOOOM ♩♬~♪ . ♩♬~♪ VROOOOMU ♩♬~♪ . ♩♬~♪ VROOOOM ♩♬~♪ . ♩♬~♪ VROOOOM ♩♬~♪ . ♩♬~♪ VROOOOM
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